Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crumb Cake Saga 3

Did I say that I was done making crumb cake? You knew that couldn't possibly be true, and you were right. My last version was pretty bad. I wanted the cake part to be thinner, but in order to reduce it by 1/4, I had to use 2 eggs and 1 yolk and some of the other ingredients also got rounded up or down. Not good at all. If I want the cake to be thinner I will have to reduce it from 3 eggs to 2 eggs. That might be too thin, but that will be my next try. As far as the crumbs go, all 3 versions were pretty good, with not much difference between them. I used the same amount of butter in all three versions: 1 with melted butter added all at once and cooled for 15 minutes, 1 with the melted butter added in by tablespoon until just the right crumblyness and the last made with cold butter, cut into the flour and sugar mixture. It was my least favorite being a tiny bit softer than the other two. My original recipe made with the butter added a little at a time was my favorite, having just a bit more texture that the cooled mixture. So it seems that the real difference would be in the amount of butter used. The more used, it seems the less crunchy the crumbs are. On the first try I thought that the crumbs were a bit too crunchy, but after the cake was placed in foil for a day, the crumbs were softer. I haven't tried using regular sugar instead of brown, or in place of part of the brown sugar, and that will also be my next experiment, since I have to make the cake again anyway...

But all this will have to wait. There are baseboards to clean, counters to seal, ponds to clarify and oh so many more tasks to do before the family descends upon us for our party next weekend.


Jane said...

Hi Penny--
Your three-tiered cake with the wine-glass pillars is just beautiful. I can imagine the feeling of accomplishment after making something like that. And, I really enjoyed your crumb cake saga. I appreciate the extremely detailed instructions you always provide.

I really like your blog very much.


Penny Eisenberg said...

Thanks Jane. I had a really good time making the cake, rather than my usual jitters. I didn't know til the end how things would work out, and I had a houseful of company watching me finish the cake, so I was really thrilled to see that everything came out so well. And to see the joy in the kids eyes was everything.