Friday, August 14, 2015

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If you're using my book, Amazing Dairy-free Desserts, I thought you might like to know that Fleischmann's margarine, which I recommend for parve or dairy-free desserts, has changed its formula from when the book was written.  For cakes, I recommend increasing the amount of margarine to use by about 15%.  Use the same amount for pastries and cookies, or the doughs will be too soft.  I expect that it will be changing again within the next two years as trans fats are completely phased out.  I guess that will mean more experiments!

These are no longer available on my website.  If you would like a pdf, please contact me and I will arrange to get you a pdf.
PDF cookbooks are so easy to use that you'll never want to use a regular cookbook again.  No more page turning trying to find the recipe you want.  You'll have the index available on the left of your page whenever you want it, and to go to a recipe you simply click on its name.  Click and go is the perfect way to view recipes.

..."I highly recommend Amazing Passover Desserts to anyone looking to introduce some new Passover desserts to their repertoire. This cookbook also makes an ideal gift for those just setting up housekeeping or for that favorite cook in your life…" -Reviewed by Anna Dogole, The Jewish Eye

Amazing Passover Desserts is now only available by download. This PDF download contains • New, simpler and easier recipes for today's lifestyle • Updating of all old recipes
• All recipes self contained – no flipping from recipe to recipe
• 50 new drawings and photos attached to its recipe

This PDF download includes more than 100 recipes including: apple pie, crisp and turnovers, chocolate layer cakes, cheesecake and cookie sandwiches, slice and bake, shortbread, chocolate chip cookies, rugelach, banana bread, poundcakes, coffee cake,  carrot cake, layered cakes and even wedding and shower desserts. Step by step instructions are included along with hundreds of photos.   Learn techniques that will teach you how to be a great baker!


A few HARD COPY BOOKS  are available.  Contact me for new copies, or go to Amazon to find used copies

Amazing Dairy-free Desserts is a wonderful book, with great photos and precise instructions.

"Delectable, dairy-free desserts that everyone can enjoy". Reviewed by Carol Fenster, Ph.d, author of dozens of gluten and allergen free cookbooks.

Dairy-free (pareve) recipes and information for every time of year, including special occasions and holidays.

Recipes such as:Rugelach, Mandelbrot, Pecan Snowballs, Peanut Butter Crosshatch Cookies, Toasted Almond Ice Creem, German Chocolate Cake, Bananas Foster,Bread Pudding with Rum Custard Sauce, Chocolate Fondue
Pecan Toffee Cheezecake, Éclairs,Vanilla Custard Tartlets

 Passover Desserts contains 50 delicious recipes—everything from cookies to cobblers—that taste and look so good, you're sure to impress your holiday guests.  With recipes for frostings, fillings, glazes, and sauces—and instructions on decorating basics—Passover desserts become rich, flavorful, and attractive. The recipes—using Passover-approved ingredients like potato flour, matzo meal, and Passover chocolate—are arranged with pareve (no dairy or meat) recipes first, then dairy. Those with little or no cholesterol are marked with a heart. With choices like Caramel Cheesecake Squares with "Graham Cracker" Crust, Chocolate Cherry Mini-Tarts, and Peach Raspberry Tiramisu, Passover Desserts will be your go-to source for a sweet Passover.