Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Skirted Wedding Cake Correction

If you read all the way to the end of my last post, you would have seen the close up of the flowers from my Skirted Wedding Cake.   I mis-spelled Scott Clark Woolley's name and had the wrong extension on his website, which is: www.cakesbydesign.cc - a slightly unusual domain.  

To repeat the info from the bottom of the last post, the flowers were made from purchased sugarpaste.  I figure that no one is going to eat the flowers, so they don't need to taste great or have only natural ingredients in them.  I used Scott Clark Woolley's instructions from his dvd " The Amazing Art of Gum Paste Flowers".  You can buy it at his website: www.cakesbydesign.cc   He also has fabulous molds and tools.  The top flower is the cattleya orchid and the sprig is a cherry blossom branch.  I wanted different colors, however, so I just found an orchid picture online with coloring that I liked, and used that as a model.   My blossoms are also just tinged with pink, and whether or not this exists in nature I don't know, but it was what I wanted for this cake.   Once you get comfortable with the technique, you can adapt Woolley's instructions to make the flowers just the way you want.  So far, I haven't found any sugar art instructor that I like better than Scott Clark Woolley, but he is very pricey.  Think about this - I have made flowers only 3 times in my life, and this is what they look like!  I'd say he is a VERY good teacher!! 

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